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Sustainable Transport behaviour considering Activity chains of BelvaL commutErs


François Sprumont

PhD Student


Project info

Duration March 2015 –March 2018
Funding FNR AFR-PhD (7951609).
Key areas Travel Behavior, Workplace Relocation, Activity Pattern

Project description

Over-reliance on cars for persons travel carries important social and environmental costs. Commuting accounts for about 25% of households’ travel. In Luxembourg, 3 out of 4 residents commute only by car. The ratio rises up to 9 out of 10 when cross-border commuters are considered. Reducing car use for commuting is clearly an important challenge.

Workplace relocation which is an important key event in employees’ life is modifying commuting distance and thus commuting time. The modification of the environment around the new workplace can also affect the commuting behavior as well as the entire daily mobility. The accessibility (by soft modes, by public transport modes and by car), the parking provision and the service provision (shops, leisures, etc.) may vary importantly.

 Employees facing a workplace decentralization can cope with these changes using different adaptation strategies. Short, mid & long term adaptation strategies can be differentiated. Short term adaptation strategies include, for instance, a modification of the commuting mode, the departure time, etc. Midterm adaptation strategy can be related to a modification of some of the daily activity locations such as shopping place, or leisure locations. Finally, long-term strategies refer, among other things, to house relocation, car purchase or leaving a job position.

Using the case study of the university of Luxembourg relocating a faculty from Walferdange campus to Belval, the STABLE project aims at analyzing all kind adaptations strategies implemented by employees. Methodology such as Discrete choice, Structural Equation Modelling and GIS techniques will be used to deeply understand all the impact caused a major workplace relocation.

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