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Federico Bigi

PhD Student

Projects involved

Faculty Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
Research Unit Engineering
Postal Address Campus Belval, Université du Luxembourg
Maison du Nombre
Campus Office MNO – E04 – 0435010
Email federico.bigi@uni.lu
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 9201

Federico graduated in March 2016 in Computer Science Engineering (bachelor’s degree) and March 2020 in Management and Automation Engineering (master degree) at the University of Roma Tre. His studies focused mostly on Operational Research, agent based simulations, computer science. During his studies, he took part in different projects: from a three years experience in team managing in a small blog called Tweaknology, two conferences held in Milan on different approaches for team building, multiple projects in Roma Tre university regarding Operational Research and programming. His master thesis project has been on the disruption analysis for public transport for the city of Zurich at ETH Zurich, and his PhD project involves optimization of the shunting operations for freight trains management.

  • “Analysis of MaaS membership attributes: an agent-based approach” – Cisterna, C., Bigi, F.,Tinessa,F., Viti, F. (2021)
  • “Integrated multimodal network management, an agent-based approach” – Ghandeharioun, Z.Bigi, F.Kouvelas, A.; et al. (2020)
  • “ANticipatory Train Optimization with Intelligent maNagEment (ANTOINE): Mathematical models and simulation methods for the train unit shunting problem” – Railway Optimization Workshop –  Bigi, F. (2021)
  • “A dynamic choice methodology for shunting policies in freight train operations.” – ODS2021 – Bigi, F., Bosi, T., Pineda-Jaramillo, J. D. (2021)