ANTOINE 2023-05-20T02:47:30+02:00

ANticipatory Train Optimization with Intelligent maNagEment


Francesco Viti

Associate professor

Juan Pineda Jaramillo

Postdoc Researcher

Federico Bigi

PhD Student

Project info

Duration January 2020 – January 2024
Key areas Transportation Engineering, DSS, Freight Trains Operation, Machine Learning

Project description

ANTOINE is a data analytics platform & decision support tool that will empower the operational & tactical decisions of intermodal freight activities. Thanks to a Machine Learning approach, combined with stochastic optimisation & simulation, the tool will serve as a cockpit by forecasting operational issues, and identifying robust solutions to handle disruptions & stochasticity stemming from train delays, wagon breakdowns, etc. In the long run, by integrating rail processes with maintenance operations and costs, ANTOINE allows the reduction of overall system costs. The tool will be implemented in real life within the CFL freight activities, and especially on their intermodal terminal operations. Its performance will be evaluated and compared to the currently used heuristics. ANTOINE will contribute to the process of digitalization of CFL intermodal and to the country’s Smart Logistics specialization strategy priority.

List of publications

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