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Electrified COoperative Bus System



Francesco Viti

Associate professor

Marco Rinaldi

Postdoc Researcher

Georgios Laskaris

Postdoc Researcher

Imen Mahjri

Postdoc Researcher (List)

Sébastien Faye

Research & Technology Associate (LIST)

Project info

Duration  second half of 2016 – in progress
Funding c16_IS_11349329_eCoBus_Viti
Key areas Transportation Engineering, Public Transport Optimisation, Intelligent Transportation Systems

Project description

With eCoBus the University of Luxembourg (UL) teamed up with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) to design and assess a system approach exploiting the potentials of the new Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) paradigm to meet the requirements of the next generation Public Transport (PT) systems. The main research challenges are in formulating and solving complex multiobjective optimisation problems involving game-theoretical aspects. The proposed system will be tested and evaluated not only in extensive simulations but also in real-world controlled experiments supported by our PT industry partners—Volvo Buses and Sales-Lentz (PT operator) and by MAMBA.

The challenge is posed by different operational characteristics and constraints of e-buses, that they need to periodically re-charge batteries at echarging stations placed in selected stops and terminals. This brings additional complexity into PT operations and its cost dynamics. Since several PT operators share the same e-charging infrastructure and complex electricity pricing schemes are usually applied elements of competition and fairness need to be addressed.

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