2020 in review: not everything is to be forgotten

//2020 in review: not everything is to be forgotten

2020 in review: not everything is to be forgotten

The 2020 will not leave us many good memories. The Covid19 pandemic has taken away many of the daily pleasures such as the coffee breaks at work with the team mates, the conference travels, the social events,… nevertheless the MobiLab team has shown to be resilient and motivated to continue the path towards excellence and has many things to celebrate and remember.

Only looking at the plain statistics, our publication performance was again outstanding, with 20 new scientific journal and conference papers, some of them being published in the top transportation and technology journals. We can be proud of how MobiLab has reached a consolidated international status, confirmed by the success of the MFTS20 virtual symposium which had more than 400 registrations, and by the fact that two of our team members were recruited by the best European research group in transportation, TU Delft. Marco Rinaldi has in fact joined as assistant professor, and Georgios Laskaris as post doc at the Transport & Planning department, in collaboration with AMS. We are proud of you guys!

Finally, the success is expected to continue in 2021 thanks to two newly acquired grants. A new public-private partnership will start in January with CFL Multimodal under the FNR-BRIDGES project ANTOINE. A new post doc, Juan Pineda from the National University of Colombia, with a PhD from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain and a new PhD student Federico Bigi from Rome Tre University, Italy will start working on the project as from January. We are also expecting another PhD student in March, Nicola Schwemmle from KU Leuven, Belgium. He will join the growing MaaS4All research team. Finally, a new collaborative project M-EVRST will start under the FNR-CORE scheme and in partnership with Dr. Tai-Yu Ma from LISER and Dr. Joseph Chow from NYU, USA. Another post doc will join the MobiLab team in Summertime, whereas a co-supervised PhD student, Yumeng Fang from TU Munich, Germany, will start in April 2021.

Considering that we will host until end of April two visiting professors, Marcello Montanino from Federico II Naples, and Chiara Fiori from University of Salerno, and from April we will host until Summer Martina Fazio from the University of Catania, and there will be a visiting student from Rome La Sapienza, Italy, our team will keep on growing!

MobiLab team members go to top universities, and top universities send researchers to MobiLab! 🙂

2020 is past, 2021 looks brighter! Let’s make a toast on that!

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