After 3 long years and 2 missed editions, the MobiLab team again massively participated to the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Piergiorgio and Federico presented their posters. It was also the first experience in DC for Haruko, Nicola and Juan, and Claudia joined them after a nice 4-months experience at the University of Montreal. Many [...]

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ACUMEN – The first Horizon Europe project acquired by Mobilab!

Excellent news received just before Christmas! Our team belonging to a super consortium led by Aalto University obtained a prestigious Horizon Europe grant for working on CCAM and future traffic management. We will collaborate with top universities like TU Delft, Uni Gustav Eiffel, NTUA, Naples and other research partners and stakeholders such as LIST, Aimsun, [...]

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LuxDownUnder – an INTER Mobility project for creating collaborations with the Uni Sydney and other Australian universities!

From December 1st Francesco Viti left Europe direction Down Under. He has been appointed Visiting Professor at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney, where he will spend 9 months until end of Summer 2023. The mission is to establish collaborations in Mobility-as-a-Service, Smart Mobility, Network Modelling and other topics [...]

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Predicting the future of mobility in Luxembourg – the MERLIN project

On October 25 the MobiLab team welcomed the project sponsor, the Ministry of Economy, for the final showcase of the MERLIN tools. We presented first the scientific outcomes of the project, which consist of advancements in data, modelling and simulation (the three pillars of computational sciences) and then we showed the three main tools developed [...]

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The 2nd PhD generation has grown up!

Being a relatively small sized team, I like to think of my 'PhD kids' as members of different generations. When I moved to Luxembourg, and after a small year of integration in the new environment, my first generation with Fran├žois, Guido, Bogdan and Giorgos (who was maybe the only representative of a generation 1.5) built [...]

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MobiLab Team Retreat

In December 2021 the whole MobiLab team spent two days in the province of Liege for team building activities. We did paintball, table tennis tournaments, Karaoke sessions, delicious dinners and lunches, and a lot of chatting and laughing! Ah yes, we also did some work... :)

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