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A busy summertime full of conferences for Mobilab!

During summertime, the MobiLab group was represented in several international conferences and workshops. The tour started in June with the participation to the 6th IEEE MT-ITS Conference in Krakow (Viti, Rinaldi, Laskaris, Giorgione, Mazur, Scheffer, Cisterna) and the 10th TRISTAN Symposium in Hamilton Island, Australia (Rinaldi, Laskaris). In July, we were part of the top [...]

A multi-line holding criterion for public transport networks @Athens

Georgios Laskaris presented a multi-line holding criterion for public transport networks with a shared transit corridor during the 7th symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation in Athens (5-7 September 2018). In this work, the control decision taken in real time accounts for all different passenger groups that will experience the control action. [...]

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