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Multimodal Electric Vehicle demand ReSponsive Transport (M-EVRST)



Francesco Viti

Associate professor

Richard Connors

 Senior Research Fellow

Haruko Nakao

 Post Doc Researcher

Yumeng Fang

PhD Student

Ta-Yu Ma

Research Scientist

Silvia Venditti

Research Facilitator

Sylvain Klein

Senior Research Analyst

Joseph Chow

Associate Professor

Project info

Duration – in progress
Key areas

Project description

Developing a user-centered and flexible seamless multimodal mobility solution is expected to remove the obstacle to promote public transport and reduce car use. To further promote sustainable mobility, Luxembourg, like many cities in the world, expected to shift from conventional gasoline buses to full-electric buses by 2025 (MODU 2.0). However, operating a fleet of electric vehicles (EV) bring additional challenges in managing electric charging operations. This project aims to develop an innovative solution, which allows electric demand responsive transport (DRT) service to be integrated into existing transit systems in order to provide seamless multimodal mobility solutions to reduce car use and increase public transport ridership. The originality of the project is to relax fixed route transit network constraints in the integrated EV-DRT model while considering the synchronization of EV-DRT and mass transit. The output of the project will provide a series of original mathematical models, algorithms and decision support toolboxes to assist operators and the government to optimally configure the system planning including fleet size and charging infrastructure to meet stochastic travel demand.